I am Marx Myth…glad you could pop over.

I consider myself a lowbrow artist, educator, and lifelong learner. What does that mean?  Life is a journey…so savor each uncanny step!

As I go along, I keep accumulating things…that interests me, things that affect me, things that scare me, things that make me cry, things that make me laugh….this the learning part. As an artist I am constantly piddling with all this accumulated stuff…manipulating it…eating it…spewing it out…hanging it out to dry.

I’m a Folksy-Pop-Surrealist…an artist with an affinity for phantasmagorical lowbrow exoplanetary kitsch…however all creative endeavors fascinate me. All creative endeavors fascinate me…but, especially Lowbrow art, underground comics with preposterously strange sensibilities, or any art with out-of-kilter aesthetic  sensibilities!

I love most any medium of expression; painting, sculpting, writing, or numerous CG explorations. But…I proclaim that my sketchbooks are my mainstay. I have kept a series of ongoing sketchbooks for years. Each book is flavored with esoteric ideas and pre-production formulations…I indulge myself as often as possible…this obsession has kept my skills honed and my catharsis eternal.

Thanx for dropping by. Feel free to peruse the gallery and/or drop me a line