I am Marx Myth…glad you could pop over.

I consider myself a lowbrow artist, educator, and lifelong learner. What does that mean?  Life is a journey…so savor each uncanny step!

As I go along, I keep accumulating things…that interests me, things that affect me, things that scare me, things that make me cry, things that make me laugh….this the learning part. As an artist I am constantly piddling with all this accumulated stuff…manipulating it…eating it…spewing it out…hanging it out to dry.

Along the way I came up with a term to describe this mercurial montage method “Cracker-Barrel Surrealism”… What does all that mean? I feel despite my traditional academic education, my artistic path has always been derived from my own invention. As a “Cracker-barrel Surrealist” my strongest affinity is with low-brow kitsch with a twist of hallucinogenic whimsy. All creative endeavors fascinate me…but, especially phantasmagoric visions, comics with preposterously strange sensibilities, or any art with an out-of-kilter sense of humor!

I love most any medium of expression; painting, sculpting, writing, or numerous CG explorations. But…I proclaim that my sketchbooks are my mainstay. I have kept a series of ongoing sketchbooks for years. Each book is flavored with esoteric ideas and pre-production formulations…I indulge myself as often as possible…this obsession has kept my skills honed and my catharsis eternal.

Thanx for dropping by. Feel free to peruse the gallery and/or drop me a line